Essay Coaching

services-icon_essaysCollege essays don’t just spring forth off the page. At least the good ones don’t. They start from deep within, roll around in your brain for awhile, and then gradually come to life through editing, rethinking, rewriting and finessing. And when you’re all done, that essay should sound exactly like you, as if you’re talking and telling your story – an interesting story – to a friend.

As a former writer herself, College Well Planned consultant Diane Connolly understands the process … and respects each writer’s own voice. A longtime editor and writer for The Tennessean newspaper, as well as national publications like USA Today, USA Weekend and the Saturday Evening Post, Diane has a long track record of helping professional journalists polish their work prior to publication. Today, as a college consultant, she uses those same skills to help students add that same polish and snap to their admissions essays.

How important are the essays? Extremely. At highly selective colleges –where every applicant has straight A’s and high test scores – the essay is one opportunity to stand out. A memorable essay can make the difference between an Admit and a Deny.

Interested in working with Diane? The Comprehensive package includes essay coaching for both the Common Application and supplemental essays. Or students can opt for a targeted Essay Mini-Package to work on a specific essay or essays.