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Getting into college isn't like it used to be. There are more deadlines, more details, more decisions - and more dollars at stake. At College Well Planned, Independent Educational Consultant Diane Connolly helps students and families successfully navigate the maze of college admissions. Whether you want to build a great college list, polish applications, brainstorm essays, or maximize scholarships, a customized plan can meet your goals. Interested in learning more? Call or email to learn how College Well Planned can help your family.

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Every student is a unique individual, and Diane takes the time to understand each situation. Her careful attention to detail and calm guidance make a big process manageable, both for clients meeting in her Nashville office and those connecting via Skype or online conferencing.

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To ED or not ED?

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Meet Diane Connolly

The former director of college counseling at a private all-girls high school, Diane Connolly has worked personally with more than 400 high school students and their families since 2007. She’s visited more than 150 colleges and universities, is on a first-name basis with dozens of college admissions officers, and, with experience in the admissions office of Vanderbilt University, knows the process from the inside-out.

She's also uniquely qualified to understand the parent perspective, with five college grads of her own, all of whom attended very different schools with very different majors. Read more...